The principles, staff and consultant contractors of RMS have had extensive training over the years in all the areas of consulting services it provides.  This training has been provided through various sources including formal independent technology sources, deep dive product training sessions at expos & conventions, Webinars and open training sessions provided by various manufacturers and vendors.


In addition to all the training that RMS consultants have, and continue to obtain, multiple certifications in the telecommunications and technology industry.  Some of these certifications include Traffic Engineering, Voice System Engineering & Design, Project Management, Structured Wire Systems, WAN / LAN and others.


Of key importance to RMS, and to its current and prospective clients, is that it is a firm that consists of independent consultants that are objective, unbiased, professional and ethical in all the services is provides.  To assure that RMS has, and continues to have, these attributes, RMS maintains its membership in the Society of Communications Technology Consultants International, Inc., or SCTC (formally STC).  The SCTC is an organization of the top 150+ independent voice and data consulting firms in the USA and Internationally whereby its members must maintain rigid qualifications including total independency from any vendor, provider or manufacturer as well as maintaining high ethical standards.  The STC provides its members voice and data communications and technology training via formal classroom sessions, webinars, annual seminars and expositions.  The STC member consultants also share their knowledge and experiences either formally or through frequent internet-based forums for mutual support and assistance amongst its members.  The link for this organizatin is



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  • Wireless Consultants / Mobility Consultants
  • PBX Consultants / VoIP Consultants / Voice System Consultants
  • Voice & Data Consultants / Data Network Consultants / MPLS Consultants
  • Local Service Consultants / Long Distance Consultants
  • IT Consultants
  • Cloud Services Consultants / Hosted Services Consultants
  • TEM Consultants / Telecommunications Expense Consultants
  • Expense Management Consultants / Telecommunications Management Consultants