The following are a few of the testimonials that have been provided to RMS in various industries. If strongly considering engaging RMS, contact information for these organizations can be provided.

Large Regional Hospital

Please thank the entire RMS staff for the great consulting job that you all did for us in regard to assessing our voice systems and networks and designing/selecting new voice systems for our primary hospital site and the two remote sites.

The initial assessment not only identified various risks that we were under, especially with the voice systems and communications room at the hospital, but also identifying other problems as well as associated costs.

We were very impressed with the high quality of work and the expertise that RMS provided in regard to systems design, RFP preparation, bid analysis and contract negotiations for the new voice systems for all sites.  Your thoroughness and attention to detail (e.g., Bid Analysis & Scope of Work) were commendable and saved significant dollars off of the purchase price as well as proactively avoided problems during implementation.  Even though we did have some expertise in this area prior to engaging your services, we were not aware of the complexity and enormous amount to time involved is such and undertaking.

While the estimated hours of service ended up more than expected, we fell that we did get a good value in return.  Should we need expertise and/or consulting services in the future, we will definitely call you.

Large National Insurance Company

I just wanted to let you know that, as always, we were very pleased with your assistance in the selection of a carrier and negotiations of a new voice & data contract for us.  Basically, you did what you said you would do and, of equal importance, you did it within budget.  Both you and your staff did a great job developing the network specifications, understanding our needs and requirements, developing a comprehensive network RFP, analysis of the bids and knowledgeable & worthwhile contract negotiations.

Having utilized your services several times in the past for similar projects and various system projects, I knew that you would provide high quality and very professional services.  Yet, knowing this, I was still very impressed with the beneficial non-dollar related negotiations you provided and the addition discounts and bonuses your and your staff obtained.  The annual savings were much more than we anticipated.

Large Charitable Organization

I want to thank you for the great job that you and Linda did for us on our recent project for new IPT Voice Systems and hosted Contact Center solution.  The work you did was not only professional but very thorough in all phases of the project; assessment, development of system specifications, development of the RFP, bid analysis and negotiations.

The initial needs analysis and assessment of our existing systems and network conditions not only identified various risks but also laid out specific requirements and applications that would best meet our needs now, in the near future and in a cost effective manner.

We were very impressed with your knowledge and expertise of all the various applications, specifically the Contact Center, Unified Messaging, Unified Communications and infrastructure issues such as our LAN requirements.

Your RFP for these systems and applications was extremely thorough as was your detailed analysis of the bid response issues and costs, both of which would have been difficult to do on our own due to the time involved and your industry expertise.  And, your involvement with the negotiations was extremely beneficial, both in dollars and vendor support.

Basically, you did what you said you would do and that is rare to find in today’s complex world of technology.

Large National Consumer Insurance Company

Please thank everyone at RMS for the outstanding service your firm provided us in the analysis of the voice/data network bids and negotiations for our new agreement.  I was quite surprised, and very appreciative, as to the benefits obtained with regard to the “Terms & Conditions” as well as the significant amount of savings and signing bonuses you were able to negotiate.

We were impressed with your high work quality, professionalism and expertise.  Your thoroughness and detailed analysis proved important to the final results.  Our decision to use your consulting services over the last ten years for various projects including new Voice Systems, Disaster Recovery, WAN analysis and previous carrier selections/negotiations, has proven to be a very good business decision for us.  Thanks again for a job well done.

Large National Fabric Manufacturer

Now that the VoIP Voice System project has been completed at the corporate campus and the 20+ remote sites, I just wanted to drop you a short note to let you know that our IT team really appreciated thee work that you and Linda did on this project.  Your systems and industry knowledge were extremely beneficial to our success, especially with regard to the technology assessment, RFP development, bid analysis and the negotiated savings.   We are very happy with the selected IPT voice systems, Contact Center, UM, UC and Video and the way that the IPT enterprise systems at all the sites function as one transparent solution.

World Famous Hall of Fame & Museum

I want to thank you for all the work you provided to us in the selection of our new VOIP system.  Your experience and expertise were extremely beneficial throughout the entire project.  The Technology Assessment and Needs Analysis interviews were instrumental in your preparation of that comprehensive RFP; we could not have done that without you.  Your detailed Cost Analysis & Comparison, along with the Issues Comparison, helped us to make our technology and vendor decision  and, your help with negotiations provided us with additional service benefits and a significantly lower price.

Thanks again and we will keep you in mind for future technology projects.