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It is very important as an independent voice & data consulting and project management firm,
to provide our clients current telecommunications expertise and superior service at a fair price.

Independent voice and data consultants giving presentation on VoIP systems

Anyone who knows voice and data communications in today’s environment understands that it involves far more than making hardware, software or network choices.

Business voice and data consulting requires a comprehensive approach to meet each client's individual requirements with cost effective solutions that not only meet immediate telecommunications needs but also address broader strategic issues.

Stack of Internet Routers: Voice and Data Consultants
Independent Voice & Data Consultants Giving Technology Presentation
We don't approach a voice and data consulting project with a preconceived hardware or network solution and try to make it fit a particular need. We look at where your business is now and where you want to be in the future from both a business and technology perspective. Through discovery and assessment, we gain an understanding of the existing voice and data technologies, business needs and requirements, and if there are any associated areas of risk. Once a viable solution has been determined, we can then provide project management services to assure that all telecommunications aspects are implemented properly, within budget and on time. This solution-based approach not only resolves problems and expands voice and data capabilities but it frequently obtains these results by more effectively utilizing existing telecommunications systems and networks, thereby protecting your financial investments.