Our Mission

The Mission of R M Shoemaker & Associates, Inc. (RMS) is to serve as an independent technology & telecommunications consulting and project management firm dedicated to providing superior service and support for our clients at a fair rate.

Company Overview

Anyone who knows voice and data in today’s environment understands that it involves far more than technical expertise or making hardware or network choices.  Business technology consulting requires a comprehensive approach to meet each client’s individual needs as well as broader strategic business issues.  This is the philosophy that sets R M Shoemaker & Associates (RMS) apart from the others.  We don’t approach a project with a preconceived hardware or network solution and try to make it fit a particular need.  We look at where your business is now and where you want to be in the future from both a business and technology perspective.  That means analyzing how your business functions, who is your customer, how your suppliers support your organization, understanding any budget constraints, protecting previous infrastructure investments and identifying any risks.  Once we understand this, we realize that only then can we be of true service to our clients.

For over 40 years we have maintained these principles while focusing on only clients interests FIRST.   As an independent firm we have ONLY the interest of our clients at stake when we enter into an engagement.  We have no affiliation nor receive any benefits from any vendor or provider.  We have provided these professional consulting services to a variety of business segments including, but not limited to, Local Municipal & Government, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Education, Health Care Industry and Utilities.

As emerging technologies evolve into the mainstream environments of Business and Industry we will continue to diligently assess and recommend only those technologies that meet our client’s technology and business requirements while at the same time reducing / eliminating risk, increasing efficiency and positively affecting the bottom line.