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Why a Consultant?

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When should you use a Voice & Data Consulting Firm?

  • A Project Requires Significant Time & Effort:
    When an organization is about to commence with a major voice & data project, it is quite typical that an organization’s existing staff, even when technically qualified, lacks the time for a major project due to the time already being spent on their normal day-to-day tasks. Therefore, supplementing your internal staff by outsourcing with qualified voice & data consultants is necessary to successfully complete this project, not only on time and within budget, but also with the best desired results.
  • In Need of Consultative Technical Assistance:
    When an organization is making decisions on implementing new technologies it is quite common and beneficial to call in a subject matter expert to review the technical issues so as to avoid going down the wrong path. Experienced consultants deal with a variety of clients throughout a broad range of industries and therefore encounter various situations and requirements involving different types of voice systems, networks and applications. Therefore, in all likelihood, the experienced voice & data consultants have the expertise in all possible situations.
  • In Need of Consultative Business Assistance:
    When an organization is preparing its Strategic Business Plan, it is critical that technology properly supports this strategy. In today’s world, organizations typically cannot survive if it does not develop a Strategic Technology Plan that supports the Business Plan. An experienced consultant can assist the IT staff in developing this Strategic Technology Plan.
  • In Need of Resolving Existing Major Problems:
    If an organization has a major technical problem or problems with their current systems or services provider, voice & data consultants can be very beneficial in resolving these issues, primarily due to a consultant’s experience with other clients.
  • In Need of Assessing Existing Voice & Data Conditions:
    Either because an assessment has not been conducted for many years or because on organization is embarking on a new business direction, it is imperative that the organization conducts a detailed technology assessment of the existing communications systems and networks.  Without such an assessment, the organization may find itself is a situation whereby strategic plans are delayed, over budget or at risk.

Charts provided by Voice & Data Consultants

Why should you use a Consulting Firm?

  • Existing Staff Lacks the Time:
    When an organization embarks on a major project, it is typical that the existing staff not only lacks the specific telecommunications expertise in a once-a-decade project but, just as important, lacks the time. The staff is typically too busy doing their day job to take on major projects. The alternatives are to increase staff or outsource this need to an experienced voice & data consulting firm.
  • The Consultant Firm Saves Time:
    Experienced voice & data consulting firms have already provided similar telecommunications services or conducted similar projects for other clients and, therefore, have already developed the optimum processes and procedures. Not only is time not wasted learning and developing these processes and procedures but the consultant knows best as to when additional resources are needed, prior to those needs, thus saving time and money.
  • The Consultant is Impartial and On Your Side:
    If a consultant is a verifiable independent telecommunications firm that is not affiliated with any vendor (e.g., via organizations such as SCTC), their loyalty is with the client, not with the vendor. Therefore, the consultant is objective in their opinions and recommendations and focuses on protecting the organization’s interests by getting the maximum value without spending money needlessly.
  • Voice & Data Consultants Save Money:
    Consultants save their clients significant dollars, typically far more than their fees. This is accomplished because of the consultant’s industry knowledge, experience and negotiations skills. Not only does a voice & data consulting firm help organizations reduce their monthly communications expense but, knowing how best to configure systems & networks, significant savings may be realized in the form of cost-avoidance.
  • Consultants Are Subject Matter Experts:
    An experienced and well rounded consulting Firm typically has subject matter expertise in every related aspect of voice & data communications, either directly on staff or via partnerships through reputable organizations (e.g., SCTC). Therefore, regardless of the technology need or requirement, a voice & data consulting firm can be of great benefit, either in a consultative manner or as a team member on a major project.
  • Vendor with Consulting Divisions or Subsidiaries:
    Vendors are a great source of technical knowledge and are free and willing to provide this to organizations that have interest in their products and services. However, not only is this knowledge geared to their offerings but it is almost always biased. Also, there are firms that state that they are independent voice & data consultants but in actuality provide services to particular vendors; so, who do you think that they will recommend? Furthermore, when dealing with multiple vendors, their claims often are quite conflicting. Experienced consultants help organizations sift through this mess and vendor biases as well as identify real needs and real solutions for each particular client.

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How should you find and select a qualified Voice & Data Consultant?

  • Search industry for organizations that sponsor truly independent voice & data consultants (e.g., SCTC)
  • Search industry for organizations that provide certifications (e.g., Business Comm. Review)
  • After determining qualified voice & data consulting firms (Independent/Certified), research their capabilities:
    • Determine which consulting firms have sufficient longevity and experience in voice & data industry
    • Obtain a biography of the senior consultants in firm
    • Contact references of similar size and with similar needs
    • Obtain opinions from vendors & carriers