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On-Going Support Services

Headset for voice & data communication Help Desk Support

Help Desk

RMS can provide an off-site telecommunications team that provides a “one call” resource for all telecommunications needs such as problem resolution, hardware & software recommendations, and provisioning (e.g., placing and tracking orders).

Product Analysis

To assist our clients, RMS can analyze and evaluate new technologies and services that vendors and providers propose to our clients so as to validate their claims, savings and benefits. RMS can benchmark their proposed products against industry leaders (e.g., magic quadrant & other industry research) as well as identify potential risks.

A group training with a Telecommunications Training Consultant

Presentations & High-Level Training

The senior consultants at RMS provide formal presentations and/or training to various organizations on various telecommunications topics. These presentations can be to Executive Committees and Planning Committees. Training can be tailored for specific needs such as industry updates on technologies (e.g., wireless, IPT, MPLS, VoIP, etc.).

Telecom Expense Management Consultants at desk analyzing voice & data communication

Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

Proactively managing the monthly telecommunications expense (e.g., local service, long distance, data communication & cellular) so as to significantly minimizes this cost. RMS applies its up-to-date industry knowledge and determines if billing rates or plans are appropriate or if new services/offerings (e.g., SIP) may be more cost-effective and efficient, thereby proactively minimizing these expenses wherever possible.

Some key services are:

  • Review bills for billing errors and inappropriate discounts so that they are corrected before they become a major problem and credits become uncollectable
  • Review Plans, Services & Devices to determine if they are appropriate for the organization and the individual Users
  • Review bills for erroneous charges such as items added by the Provider or non-legitimate entities without the organization’s knowledge or approval (e.g., features, services and data charges). Some of these non-legitimate services are referred to as Slamming or Cramming.
  • Review bills for unauthorized charges that Users or Sites may add without approval such as Internet Access, additional lines and Wireless Sports Scores
  • Review bills for unnecessary charges for items that no longer are necessary such as special lines for old modems, remote staff no longer employed, etc.
  • RMS also continually reviews contracts to determine if conditions have changed significantly to warrant negotiations of an addendum to the contract or recasting the contract entirely. RMS also reviews contracts to make sure negotiated discounts are applied or that usage has increased thereby enabling increased discounts.  The contract review could also determine if the organization is at risk (e.g., usage falling close to “Commitment” levels, technologies becoming obsolete, etc.).