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For 50+ years we have focused our efforts on our clients’ interests first.

Since our only business is independent voice system consulting, and no other products, all we have to show is our reputation; therefore, our clients’ interest are paramount. Without providing quality service for our clients, at a fair price, we have no business. We have provided these telecommunications consulting services to clients in several vertical markets including government, non-profit organizations, manufacturing, financial, education, retail, distribution, health care and utilities.

Independent voice system consultants historical voice & data products

RMS History

Senior management of RMS entered into voice system consulting in 1971 as a franchise of a Pittsburgh, PA telecommunications consulting company known then as Telemark. After rapid growth in expertise and size, the partners of this initial franchise organization out-grew the franchisor and split off into a new and more independent firm, SNS Communications (the initials of three partners).

In 1981, with hints of AT&T divesture on the horizon and needing to expand its technology expertise into data communications, the two senior partners, including Richard Shoemaker, changed the operations into a more comprehensive firm, Progressive Communications Technologies (PCT). This revamped firm grew significantly over the next several years. Its clients included many large financial institutions, large healthcare organizations, and Fortune 500 companies.

After several years, PCT broke from its traditional independent telephone system consultant status and expanded into the long-distance aggregation business. Shortly after that, in 1991, the business split with Richard Shoemaker continuing on with the independent telecommunications consulting services under the name it has today, R M Shoemaker & Associates, LLC. (RMS). Shortly after emerging into RMS, Linda Shoemaker, having many years of experience as a complex systems engineer and applications specialist with major system vendors, joined Richard in the business as one of its senior telecommunications consultants. Then, in the early 2020s, Jeffrey Shoemaker joined the firm. While he did spend several years with the firm about 10 years prior, he left to become the lead systems engineer & technician with a major local systems provider. Now back with RMS he brings significant technical and project management expertise.

Over the last 50+ years, RMS and its medium-sized staff have been providing its voice system consulting expertise and project management services to an ever-growing list of known clients, headquartered in the US. Today, RMS is recognized by its peers, and its clients, as one of the leading independent voice & data communications consulting firms in the US.