About Us

R M Shoemaker & Associates, Inc. (RMS) is an independent voice/data telecommunications & technology consulting and project management firm whose principles have been providing these services for 30 to 40+ years throughout the US and internationally.

 Since our only business is independent technology consulting, and no hardware or software products, all we have is our reputation; therefore, our clients’ interest is paramount.  Without providing quality and expert service to our clients, at a fair price, we would have no clients.  Some of the markets we serve are;

Manufacturing & Distribution                                         Retail (Multi-site Enterprises)

Banking & Finance                                                             Insurance & Investments

Government (County & Municipality)                           Marketing & Advertising

Education (K-12 & Universities)                                     Utilities


RMS’s roots go back to 1971 when it began as a consulting franchise of a company formed by a past executive of AT&T.  Within a few years the senior partners of this franchise, including Richard Shoemaker, formed a new and totally independent telecommunications consulting firm, SNS Communications which later morphed into Progressive Communications Consulting (PCT), with Richard Shoemaker as VP and COO.  In 1992, Richard Shoemaker, left PCT to form a more robust and diverse consulting firm, R M Shoemaker & Associates, Inc. which grew significantly over the years in both size and expertise.  Linda Shoemaker joined RMS in 1998 as Vice President after 17+ years as a system engineer and senior project manager for two major voice system vendors.  On January 1, 2012 Linda Shoemaker was elected President of R M Shoemaker & Associates and Richard Shoemaker assumed the role of Vice President.

Today, RMS is recognized by its peers and clients as one of the leading independent technology consulting firm in the US and its strategic business plan is to continue to provide independent consulting and project management services to clients headquartered throughout the US.  To further this endeavor, RMS will continue to train it staff and consultant contractors in the various disciplines of voice & data communications.  Furthermore, Linda and Richard will continue to serve as the principle consultants who will be involved in every client project or service.


R M Shoemaker & Associates, Inc:   Telecommunications Consultants, Cleveland, Ohio (Telecom Consultants, Clevealand Ohio)

R M Shoemaker & Associates, Inc: Telecommunications Consultants, The Villages, Florida (Telecom Consultants, The Villages Florida)